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Portable cnc plasma cutter

Short Description:

This portable cnc plasma cutter can cut any complex profiles on metals, which reduces machining again and improves productivity. This portable cnc plasma cutter supports both plasma cutter and oxy-fuel cutting.

With its USB port, the data transmission from a PC is as easy as downloading photos from a digital camera.

This portable cnc plasma cutter is an automatic portable CNC machine with THC. The cutting control system can control the motion of 2 axis, which is suitable for flame or plasma cutting. The THC controller is designed to change the height between torch & workpiece. This portable cnc plasma cutter is accurate, stable, low noise, while easy to operate. With graphic to guide your use, come with 2 booklet of user manual to explicitly guide your operation.

Product Detail

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The portable cnc plasma cutter application

The portable cnc plasma cutter can cut metal plates such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum etc.
The portable cnc plasma cutter is a replacement of hand-held flame torch, hand-held plasma cutter, profile and pantographic shape cutting machines.

The portable cnc plasma cutter description

This portable cnc plasma cutter adopts integrated design as well as a combination of CNC, mechanical

transmission and thermal cutting. That makes the high definition plasma cutter to be a high technology, high precision and high reliability metal cutting tables. Excellent human interface guarantees the easy operating and quick processing for various workpiece.

1.The portable cnc plasma cutter cross beam driving model, enables a more stable balance movement, avoid the head declining due to gravity

2.The portable cnc plasma cutter with reasonable cutting area: effective cutting 1.5m*3.0m, other sizes can be customized,such as 1.5m*6m etc.

3.The portable cnc plasma cutter of light weight and smart dimensions, no fixed place occupation, sustain cutting on sheet directly

4.Simple structure, easy for packing, delivery, installation and disassemble

5.Overall processing alloy base, assure light and precise, no base shape deformation

6.Cross beam and rail both with linear guide, high accuracy good stability moving

7. The portable cnc plasma cutter with motor enable/disable button, ensure operator and machine safety and start position random select,save material save time.

Portable cnc plasma cutter different colors




portable cnc plasma cutter features

1. The portable cnc plasma cutter is compact design and lightweight, small size and easy to move. It is usable both indoors and outdoors.

2. Low noise and high running accuracy. Operates with high efficiency.

3. The portable cnc plasma cutter cuts automatically with high precision and uses materials effectively.

4. The portable cnc plasma cutter control system with optimized programming, easy to learn and operate.simple and clear, can store over 80 programs.

5. The portable cnc plasma cutter LCD screen of dynamic and static display of graphics, can convert the CAD file to the programmed one in the computer ,and transmit it to the machine via a USB flash disk before automatic cutting, performance which can also be made by inputting the simple instruction in the machine for programming cutting .  

6. The FastCAM programming software is easily learned and supports both drawing and nesting.

7. The portable cnc plasma cutter has graphic display function.

8. The portable cnc plasma cutter has English interface and support other 5 languages.

9. Excellent graph library , 48 graphic

10. Steel plate correction function

11. Kerf can be automatically compensated

12. The portable cnc plasma cutter cutting can continue when power fails

13. Continuous return can be done

14. Positioning and cutting can be done randomly

15. Off-line cutting can be done

16. The portable cnc plasma cutter has online upgrading function

The portable cnc plasma cutter technical parameters

Cutting mode Flame cutting + plasma cutting
Materials to cut Mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc
Cutting range 1500mm×3000mm, 1500mm×4000mm1500mm×5000mm, 1500mm×6000mm
Maximum cutting width(X axis) 1,500mm
Maximum cutting length(Y axis) 6,000mm
Flame cutting thickness 8-200mm
Plasma cutting thickness ≤30mm (depending on pattern of plasma power source)
Vertical stroke of cutting torch ≤120mm
Plasma cutting speed 0-3000mm/min
Flame cutting Speed 0-800mm
Control system Shanghai Fangling F2100B / Starfire
Driving system stepper motors and driver
Working language English, French, Spanish, Portugues, Russian, etc
Software Fastcam, Starcam, etc.
Arc Voltage THC for plasma Auto Torch Height Control
Torch Height Control for flame Electric control
LCD Dimension 7.0 Inches
Emergency Stop Button Have
Plasma Power Source Optional
Gas Pressure Max.0.1Mpa
Oxy Pressure Max.1.0Mpa
Cutting Gas Oxygen+Acetylene/Propane/Methane/LPG

The portable cnc plasma cutter main configurations

Numercial Control System: FLCNC brand


The portable cnc plasma cutter cnc system functions:

1. Compact keyboard design and easy to input files.

2.Shape have some operations such as Proportion, Rotate, and Mirror.

3. Shape can be arrayed in matrix, interaction, stacked modes.

4.Steel plate can be adjusted according to any steel side.

5.Coordinate system can be customized to support two dimensional coordinates of all eight kinds.

6.All input and output port type and the number can be customized

7.Self-diagnostic function, to diagnose the key status and all the IO status, facilitate inspection and debug.

8.Provide a front USB interface for copying files.

9.System can be upgraded by USB interface easily, and we provide lifetime upgrade service.

10.All functions and techniques can upgrade online and don’t worry about the after sale service.

11.Import and export files by single or all files.

12.Parameters backup and parameter restore.

13.Support the Flame, Plasma, Marker and Demonstration four kinds of mode.

14.Including various types of processing parameters to meet the needs of different processes.

15.Flame and Plasma are separated in the control IO ports.

16.Support THC(Torch Height Control), two-level preheat, three-level pierce in flame mode.

Torch Height Control: Automatic, FLCNC brand


The portable cnc plasma cutter THC height controller functions:

● Use Keys and digital buttons for parameter adjustment and operation, easy using.

● Inner arc voltage dividing PCB, covered by metal all angle, compact size, better anti-interference.

● Arcing relay and arcing ok relay adopt Omron power relay, stable working.

● Input signal real-time electric level can be observed during all working process.

● Different work process closured independently, make sure no wrong operate.

● In the cutting process, can real-time monitor if arcing real happens. If arcing break in the middle way, THC will inform CNC system and close arcing relay, avoid blank arcing under arc breaking.

● In the process of automatically THC, make sure actual arcing always follow set arc, without static difference.

● Arc voltage set value can be changed, to adjust the cutting torch height during cutting.

● Collision signal can feedback to CNC system, avoid CNC system running after collision.

● After finished cutting, the THC will automatic hoisting cutting torch, hoisting height can be set freely.

Plasma Power Source: Any brands


The portable cnc plasma cutter is compatible with any brands of plasma.

Program Software: FastCAM in English


This is a fully automated system with a high level of automation and a focus on saving time. Which is based on AutoCAD drawing. The software is easy to learn can can automatically convert the AutoCAD drawing int to  G-code file, and then transfer G-code file into CNC cutting mahcine by USB key which is convient to operate.

The portable cnc plasma cutter Packaging & Shipping


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