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High Productivity Plasma Cutting Best Sales cnc gas cutting machine

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1. Summary information:

cnc gas cutting machine is specially designed for metal plate cutting, cnc gas cutting machine is characterized of high automation and efficiency, easy operation and long service time.

2. cnc gas cutting machine structure

1. cnc gas cutting machine Main Frame: All frames adopt 20mm thickness steel plate, making sure high mechanical strength and deformation resistance to guarantee the cutting precision.

2.cnc gas cutting machine Front Beam adopt 20mm thickness steel plate and processed by large cnc milling machine at one time which increase flatness and smoothness of surface to ensure the cuting   precision.

3.The gear rack groove and guid rail groove on the front beam are processed by cnc milling machine at one time, which make sure plasma and frame torches move stable and cut accuracy.

4. cnc gas cutting machine Hollow Design: The beam adopts hollow design to avoid frame deformation caused by heat.

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Technical Parameters

Machine Voltage

Signal phas 220V ,50HZ

Plasma power Voltage

380V 3 Phase,50HZ

Cutting mode


Effective cutting range(mm)

3150*8000mm or customized size

Flame cutting speed


Plasma cutting speed


Plasma power

Hypertherm or Huayuan

Plasma cutting thickness

According models



Cutting torch lifting distance


Longitudinal linear precision


Working language

G Code

Document Transmission

USB Interface

Nesting software

Fast cam or StarCam

cnc gas cutting machine features

1. Steel hollow beam design ensures good heat dissipation without deformation.

2. The gear-rack driving motions without engagement gap ensure the machine running smooth at high speed.

3. Fully functionalized CNC system and opt coupler device enhance the super anti-jamming capability of the plasma system.

4. World’s top branded components and circuits ensure long service life.

5. Multiple cutting torches can be configured. Both flame and plasma torches are optional to meet the needs of cutting different materials in a range of thickness.

6. Torch height controller: High control precision, stable performance, strong anti-jamming capability

cnc gas cutting machine’s optional plasma source

High Productivity4


Recommend thickness

Cooling Method

Hyperthem Powermax 105A


air cooling

Hyperthem Powermax 125A


air cooling

Hyperthem Maxpro 200A


water cooling

Hyperthem XPR 300A


water cooling

China LGK-100A


air cooling

China LGK-120A


air cooling

China LGK-200A


water cooling

China LGK-300A


water cooling

cnc gas cutting machine advantages

1.  AutoCAD version of the project design can be directly generated CNC machine code. Dimensional simulation operation, oversized EGES DXF SAT and STL and other software compatibility.

2. User-friendly design, casting parts precision machining equipment to ensure high precision, high stability, high service life.

3. One year warranty, free maintenance throughout service time.

High Productivity6

This cnc gas cutting machine can cut mild steel with flame cutting, and cut high carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metal with Plasma cutting; can configurate as you required, thus it is widely applied in industries such as machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, petro-chemical, war industry, metallurgy, aerospace, boiler and pressure vessel, locomotive etc.

High Productivity7

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