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Cnc Plasma Cutting Table Introduction


The specific operation of cnc plasma cutting table, mainly the operation of cnc plasma cutting table system, here said cnc plasma cutting table is the index controlled cnc plasma cutting table, equipment mainly includes plasma power supply, gun head gun line, rack, system and elevator and lifting body etc. The system itself contains 50 different graphics, if these graphics can meet the needs of customers, you can directly call, call process, you can modify the size to change the size of the graphics, but can not change the shape of the graphics. In addition to changing the size of the graph, it can also be array, from one to more, and it can rotate the Angle and change the degree. If the graphics in the gallery can not meet the needs of customers, customers can directly use drawing software to map, do a good job of drawing with nesting software to convert, the G code can be directly used.  When cnc plasma cutting table working, importing CNC system with U disk, call out the required cutting graphics.  The cnc plasma cutting table moving the X axis and Y axis manually, find the starting point of cutting, press the start button to start cutting.  If there is a problem in the cutting process, such as the need to replace the spray electrode, you can press the red pause button on cnc plasma cutting table, the cnc plasma cutting table will stop working, after dealing with the problem, press the start button can continue to work.   

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Post time: May-26-2022