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Desktop Plasma Cutter for Metal Sheet



The desktop plasma cutter is used to cut metal sheet of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals.

The desktop plasma cutter is particularly suitable for medium and thin metal plates, such as non-ferrous metal sheet, stainless steel plate and carbon steel plate.

In thick plate cutting, compared with laser cutting,the desktop plasma cutter is faster in speed, lower in cost, and better cutting quality. The desktop plasma cutter is widely used in machinery parts processing industry.


1. The desktop plasma cutter with very high precision for cutting SS MS and other metals.

2. The desktop plasma cutter  has small cutting gap, with no residua.

3. The desktop plasma cutter with light design of the beam promises high cutting speed and accuracy.

4. The desktop plasma cutter working with computer and support G code and files of  Starcam / FastCam software (specialized in cutting metal material).

5.The desktop plasma cutter  with Taiwan HIWIN Square rail , with high cutting precision.

Specification YM-CST1325 YM-CST1530 YM-CST2040
Cutting system
Drive mode Servo motor/ step motor
Cutting area(mm) 1300*2500 1500*3000 2000*4000
Air-way speed(mm/min) ≤15000
Cutting mode Plasma
Cutting thickness Depend on the plasma power source
Cutting speed Depend on thickness and plasma source
Positioning Accuracy (mm/m) ≤±0.2
Repeatability(mm/m) ≤±0.3


1. The desktop plasma cutter with accuracy thickening Stainless steel blade table.

2. The desktop plasma cutter equip with Start control system, special for plasma machine.

3. The desktop plasma cutter equip Start Torch Height Control, can provide the proper cutting height by different materials.

4. The desktop plasma cutter with rack and pinion transmission, with higher accuracy

Accuracy Thickening Stainless steel blade tableHTB1lOUvBZuYBuNkSmRy763A3pXaO.png_.webp.jpg  Taiwan Hiwin linear rails and blockHTB1e1TgdjbguuRkHFrd762.LFXaw.png_.webp.jpg
 Start control system, special for plasma machineHTB1.xXkKpuWBuNjSszb763S7FXaQ.png_.webp.jpg Start Torch Height Control, can provide the proper cutting height by different materials.HTB17DOGwoOWBKNjSZKz760fWFXaP.png_.webp.jpg
Rack and pinion transmission, with higher accuracyHTB1Y9tmCgKTBuNkSne1761JoXXaP.png_.webp.jpg Smoke exhaust fan, exhaust the smoke during the cutting.HTB1JQX1KrSYBuNjSspi760NzpXaP.png_.webp.jpg

Another Table Plasma Cutter Delivered From SA Warehouse

This week, another desktop plasma cutter was delivered from the warehouse.



The desktop plasma cutter  specification is 1530, that is, the effective cutting range is 1500*3000mm. The cutting thickness depends on the output current of plasma power supply. For the processing needs of most customers, 120A to 300A is commonly recommended.


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Post time: May-12-2022