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Laser metal cutting machine is creating a new age in industrial 4.0

Laser metal cutting machine is creating a new age in industrial 4.0 (1)

From brilliant ancient civilization to the rapid development of science and technology today, the laser metal cutting machine provides for the metalworking artists a brand-new advanced authoring tools.By using metal laser cut,they can think and review on the basis of traditional metal art to create a new art with multi-dimension, varies of metal and different techniques,which has hammered the metal art boundary.

Fiber laser cutting machine is the shining new star of metal processing, and it is the product of modern science and technology.Renowned Belgian artist Wim Delvoi's iconic laser-cut metal sculptures use cunning, humorous metal techniques to make intricate, decorative architectural spirals more appealing.

Laser metal cutting machine is creating a new age in industrial 4.0 (2)

Unlike traditional bicycles, The "Erembald" bike created by Eleven Twenty Seven is quite unique.This bicycle adopts laser cutting technology, and its whole body is made of stainless steel, with simple shape and stable structure.It not only meets users' cycling requirements, but also elevates the practical means of transportation to the height of art.

Laser metal cutting machine is creating a new age in industrial 4.0 (3)

Designer Antonio Rodriguez uses precision laser cutting technology to finish the stainless steel panels, which are covered with natural leather, to form this very elegant chair which can be enjoyed or used.

Laser metal cutting machine is creating a new age in industrial 4.0 (4)

The blusher chair by Danish designer SOFIE Brenner.The surface of the chair is made of hard aluminum shell, fiber laser cutting machine is used to deal with the perforation of the seat surface, coupled with soft cushion, turning the cold metal products into warm art furniture.

Laser metal cutting machine is creating a new age in industrial 4.0 (5)

In the past, in order to complete an artistic idea, metal craft creators often needed to spend a lot of manpower and material resources, and due to the limitations of equipment and materials, sometimes the final effect of the finished product could not be guaranteed. However, the arrival of laser metal cutting machine put an end to this bad situation.

How easy is it to implement your brilliant idea?All you have to do is to draw the desired pattern on the laser cutter's computer, start the machine, then you just have a hot cup of tea nearby, or chat with a friend for a while, without a bit of effort (perhaps killing a few brain cells in that process), and your work is perfectly done.

Laser metal cutting machine is creating a new age in industrial 4.0 (6)

Of course, metal cutting is more important to those who work in the metal process industry than to artists.At present,the competition in the manufacturing industry becomes more and more fierce, only by constantly improving the quality of products can we avoid the fate of being eliminated.Traditional metal cutting technology has low efficiency, poor quality control, and its cutting materials are also very limited, so there’s no doubt that the traditional cutting machine will be eliminated by the market gradually.Luckily, at this time,laser metal cutting machine with various of advantages such as high quality, high efficiency, low cost etc,becomes the best choice of metal cutting equipment.

You might think it's a little pricey, but,as we all know,manufacturing is a long-term business.Suppose that the purchase price of a traditional machine is $5000, you can only deliver 1,000 pieces of products in a month, and your start-up cost is $5 a day. The products produced may not sell because of poor quality.Assuming that the purchase price of laser cutting machine is $30,000, you can deliver 6,000 products a month, and the start-up cost is $5 a day. You will not only increase production, but also get more orders for high-quality products. What's more, you can choose the right machine in the price range of 15,000-30,000,and there's always the one that fits your budget.So,compared with such a high return, do you still think it is expensive?

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Post time: Mar-08-2022