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Portable cnc plasma cutting machine

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Portable cnc plasma cutting machine,available for cutting any complex plane graphics, support for flame and plasma cutting; Portable cnc plasma cutting machine,a substitute for manual torch, semi-automatic cutting machine and profiling cutting machine as an upgraded product; especially suitable for high-precision required complex graphics mass production, can greatly improve cutting efficiency, reduce secondary processing, and decrease the production cost.


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1. Portable cnc plasma cutting machine transverse effective cutting is 1500mmx3000mm, Portable cnc plasma cutting machine adopts aluminum alloy guide rail and single side drive.

2. Portable cnc plasma cutting machine can be equipped with flame and plasma cutting torch automatic elevation system according to user’s requirements.

3. Portable cnc plasma cutting machine main function features include: the control system adopts industrial computer, which can accept the import of external processing program, and timely graphic tracking when cutting.


1)Portable cnc plasma cutting machine have full Chinese/English menu system

2) 45 kinds of common graphics libraries (including grid graphics), which can choose to set the chip size and hole size.

3)Portable cnc plasma cutting machine supports EIA code (G code) and FastCAM, FreeNest, SmartNest, IBE and other suite software.

4) Portable cnc plasma cutting machine system have graphic proportions, rotation, mirroring.

5) Portable cnc plasma cutting machine graphics can be arranged in matrix, interactive and overlapping ways.

6) Portable cnc plasma cutting machine system graphic steel plate correction, any steel plate edge can be used as correction edge.

7) The front-end U-disk interface facilitates program transmission.

8) Portable cnc plasma cutting machine system upgrade adopts U disk upgrade mode, which is convenient, simple and practical, and provides lifelong free upgrade service.

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Portable cnc plasma cutting machine Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Machine Voltage

Signal phas 220V ,50HZ

Plasma power Voltage

380V 3 Phase,50HZ

Cutting mode


Effective cutting range(mm)


Cutting speed(mm/min)


Rotational Speed


Plasma power

China LGK-120A/200A/300A Hyperthem 80/105/125A

Plasma cutting thickness

According models

Moving precision


Cutting system

Fangling F2100B


Fangling F1620



Total weight(kg)


Emergency stop


Working temperature


Relative humidity

<95% No condensing


Portable cnc plasma cutting machine usually adopt one flame torch, suitable for 6~150mm of cs.


We can also add one plasma torch for you, the cutting thickness and speed is according plasma power brand and model:

Model Recommend thickness Cooling mode
Hyperthem Powermax 105A 1~20mm air cooling
Hyperthem Powermax 125A 1~23mm water cooling
Hyperthem Maxpro 200A 1~25mm air cooling
China LGK 100A 1~12mm air cooling
China LGK 120A 1~14mm air cooling
China LGK 200A 1~25mm water cooling
China LGK 300A 1~35mm water cooling


Portable cnc plasma cutting machine cutting samples


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