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Precision Automatic CNC High Definition Plasma Cutter with 120A and 300A

Short Description:

The high definition plasma cutter is a newly-developed CNC cutting machine to replace portable CNC cutting machines. The high definition plasma is suitable for cutting thin and medium thick plate. The high definition plasma is integrated with high speed, high precision, and miniaturization, and the structure is separated from the cutting table. The high definition plasma with the feature of easy installation, human-computer interface, easy operation, stable work, elegant appearance. The high definition plasma can be used to cut almost all kinds of metal plate automatically.

Product Detail

Product Tags

a) The high definition plasma cutter using highly-precise linear guides, dual drive. The high definition plasma cutter works noiselessly with high speed and high precision.

b) The high definition plasma cutter with human-computer interface design makes the machine easy to learn and operate, and have complete functions.

c) The high definition plasma cutter has 7 inch color LCD display and operate panel, and read program and software upgrade by USB flash driver.

d) The high definition plasma cutter has the function of automatically memorizing and restoring when power off.

e) The high definition plasma cutter has the function of wireless remote control which can control cutting at any place around the control desk.

f) The high definition plasma cutter can choose automatic arc voltage torch height control or electric height device.

g) The high definition plasma cutter can effectively avoid high frequency interference and make cutting stable and safe.

h) The high definition plasma cutter’s cutting torch can according to customer’s requirement to equip with plasma or flame torch

i) The high definition plasma cutter equipped step motor, bilateral drive. Servo motor is also available.  

j) The high definition plasma cutter, will standardly equip Starcam nesting software, flame cutting nozzle. Plasma nozzle. Transmission U flash. Machine operation CD.

Overall Show

The high definition plasma cutter advantages

Heavy gantry structure

The high definition plasma cutter bilateral drive, beam adopts plate tube welding structure

The high definition plasma cutter with hollow steel plate welded frame

Facilitate heat dissipation and prevent thermal deformation. The high definition plasma cutter body is shot blasted and sprayed with a long service life.

The high definition plasma cutter with multiple sets of straight cutting torches

The high definition plasma cutter is mainly used in steel structure industry. The high definition plasma cutter can be equipped with multiple sets of straight cutting torches to cut steel plate into structural parts required by steel structure. The high definition plasma cutter has features of fast cutting speed, high efficiency and less deformation.

The high definition plasma cutter equipped Shanghai Fangling 2300B System

10.4 inch LCD screen, high integrated motherboard material, good stability

The high definition plasma cutter equipped automatic programming nesting software

Without basic knowledge, customers can easily load DXF graphics into the software. Or use our integrated CAD-system STAR CAMCad to create graphics. Process data will be automatically generated through CNC CUT graphics. The software will also provide the best processing path, and this processing path can be changed at any time as required

The high definition plasma cutter equipped automatic electronic ignition and configurable capacitor height controller

The automatic ignition adopts ignition needle type, which greatly extends the service life, high degree of automation, reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves safety, and the advantages of multiple cutting torches are more prominent.The capacitor height controller ensures that the cutting torch and plate maintain a certain height, the operation is convenient for workers, and the service life of cutting nozzles are prolonged.

The high definition plasma cutter has optional plasma and flame cutting method

Choose suitable cutting method according to material and thickness.

The high definition plasma cutter equipped high precision rack and gear

High transmission accuracy, smooth cutting operation

The high definition plasma cutter is gantry milling finished

The machining center completes one-time milling and the accuracy is within 0.02mm


The high definition plasma cutter equipped 24KGS heavy-duty high-strength heat-treated guide rail

High precision, strong load carrying capacity

The high definition plasma cutter customer Site Display

The high definition plasma cutter Packing&Shipping

Company Introduction

The Exhibition

After Sales Service

1. One year warranty for whole high definition plasma cutter

2. We have experienced after-sales service team,we can send installation video or file to customers and guide installation for easy operated machines and we can also arrange our engineers to visit customer’s site for installation and training for complicated machines.

3. Full stock of spare parts and consumables are at competitive price for high definition plasma cutter

1. What kinds of after-sales service can your company supply?

One year’s warranty for whole welding machine.

We will send spare parts for free during warranty period. About main board, we can supply life long service.

2. Can you supply OEM Service?

Yes, we can supply OEM service.

3. What is deliver time for high definition plasma cutter?

We will delivery the goods within 15-20 work days after received payment.

4. What is your payment term for high definition plasma cutter?

We can accept T/T,Western Union,L/C,Aliexpress Escrow, Credit Card.

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