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Hot Sale Heavy Duty 4000*10000mm Big Cnc Gantry Oxyfuel Plasma Cutting Machine

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Heavy Duty 4000*10000mm Big Cnc Gantry Oxyfuel Plasma Cutting Machine

Applied Material :Carbon steel, Stainless steel Aluminum and other alloys.

Industry :Especially for steel structure construction, shipbuilding, and other metal processing industries

1、 The cnc flame cutting machine is easy to learn, easy Interface
CAD graphics by convert software to create cutting path, automatically identify inner and outside cutting, Automatically generated lead in and out line. Reasonable renewal, inner hole is preferred. Single accessory is preferred, can use.A non-closed graphics to special cutting. Length sheet cutting, reduce heat deformation efficiency. Can supply type3、Mastercam、ProE、CAXA、artcut.etc. software to connector.Kerf automatically compensation,subsidiary nesting,automatic sorting, continuous bulk cutting.Automatic rise and lower speed,automatic identify cutting start point, corner speed is stable ,improve cutting accuracy.Inner and outside setting U flash method, transfer file through outside U flash to inner U flash. Even electric power is off, data will not lose. Para stored by ways of compression code, improve store quality. With machine to set encrypt. Ensure datas are safe.
2、The cnc flame cutting machine operation is convenient, maintenance is convenient
Friendly interface, Chinese and English display, with machine prompting operation methods, keyboard is simple, operation is fast, be clear at a glance. Interface lamp can provide fault diagnosis.
3、The cnc flame cutting machine is inexpensive and compact structure
A reasonable space-saving arrangement and strong compact design makes the machine run more smoothly and cutting quality assurance.
4、The cnc flame cutting machine has increase anti-jamming processing and to avoid the failure rate mostly
5、The cnc flame cutting machine has graphic display
6、The cnc flame cutting machine has Power off memory

Cnc Flame Cutting Machine Parameters

Effective cutting range
3150*8000mm or customized size
Cutting methods
Plasma and Flame
Plasma power source
Hypertherm or Huayuan or YOMI
Cutting torch lifting distance
Flame cutting speed
Plasma cutting speed
Longitudinal linear precision
Working language
G Code
Document Transmission
USB Interface
Nesting software
Fast cam or StarCam
Working Voltage/Frequency
3-Phase 380V±10%/50HZ

Cnc Flame Cutting Machine Details

Cnc Flame Cutting Machine Cutting sample

Company Profile

After Sales Service

1. One year warranty for whole cnc flame cutting machine.

2. We have experienced after-sales service team,we can send installation video or file to customers and guide installation for easy operated machines and we can also arrange our engineers to visit customer’s site for installation and training for complicated machines.

3. Full stock of spare parts and consumables are at competitive price for cnc flame cutting machine.

Q1. Are you a Manufacturer or a trading company?
A1.We are the manufacturer, integrating with design, machining and assembling for cnc flame cutting machines.

Q2. Do you have stock product ready to deliver cnc flame cutting machine?
A2. In order to satisfy with the customer for fast delivery, we have certain amount of machines in stock, you can check the machine on LIVE-DEMONSTRATION at any time.

Q3. How do you deliver the finished cnc flame cutting machine?
A3. The machine is mostly delivery by sea, rail way or road for some exception. For some urgent part or shipping document we
delivered by air or Express like TNT, FEDEX,DHL,UPS,EMS, Etc.

Q4. How can you guarantee the after-sales service for cnc flame cutting machine?
A4. We have the special after-sales service department, they will provide training program for operation and trouble shouting during installation. And they will visit the customer regularly for service.all questions will be answered within 3 hours and 90% problem will be solved within 24 hours.

Q5. What’s delivery time for cnc flame cutting machine?
A5. Within 20 days after payment.

Q6. How can you guarantee your finished cnc flame cutting machine quality?
A6. First, the machine will have 8 hours idle running;
Second, we will test the machine with the material working together.

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